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Jon has been programming ever since he taught himself BASIC on a loaned Vic20. Over the years, a bizarre collection of antique computers (including several Acorn machines, a micro PDP 11-23, a DEC Rainbow 100, a HP/UX 9000/340, and PCs from 286 to Pentium III) have served as platforms for one project or another. His computing interests range from 3D modelling and computer graphics, through application development to embedded programming and hardware interfacing.

Jon worked for the BBC while studying engineering at Cambridge University, where he obtained the degrees of M.Eng. and M.A. Cantab. He spent 2 years with Cambridge Consultants (Arthur D. Little) working on a variety of projects for clients ranging from dot-com startups to government and telecommunications corporations, before relocating to Scotland.

Jon has taught himself and others ARM assembler, FORTRAN, PASCAL, C & C++, Java and various application frameworks including Visix Galaxy and MFC. He is a firm believer in the right tool for the job, even if it is subsequently used in ways the makers never intended! He has considerable experience of developing portable systems on commercial UNIX and Windows platforms.

Up until Jan. 2001 he was an active member of the HAVi consortium, working on the specification of the Java-based Level 2 GUI platform. His last project was designing and implementing a cross-platform MPEG2 DSM-CC layer for a major consumer electronics manufacturer, to run on Windows, Linux and embedded OSes.

He currently lives in Edinburgh with his partner and 4 dependent computers, but has worked in many parts of the world. He speaks some French and a little Japanese.